Teachers honored by Kids in Need Foundation and Fox Corporation

Melissa Fleming has been teaching for 20 years at Central Park East High School in East Harlem.

Thursday, Fleming and principal Mayra Segura got a surprise made possible by the Kids in Need Foundation and FOX Corporation.

The boxes were filled with school supplies. The kits are going to 50 teachers across the country. The Kids in Need Foundation picked these teachers because they work in under-resourced schools.


Ghost guns found inside East Harlem day care

Authorities say they found ghost guns and parts inside of a licensed East Harlem day care center.

"Whether they need highlighters, colored pencils or post-its so that when they are reading texts they want to write notes…that they have those supplies readily available. Those little supplies. The cost to purchase them really adds up," Segura said. 

There was also a second surprise, that brought tears to Fleming. She was awarded an additional $1,000 towards school supplies for her classroom.