Ghost guns found inside East Harlem day care

An 18-year-old and two other minors have been arrested after ghost guns and 3D printers were found at a daycare in East Harlem.

Police say the 18-year-old, Karon Coley, was running a ghost gun production operation out of the apartment he shares with his mother on 117th Street, and that the guns were found in an unlocked room.

"Inside this daycare facility, investigators recovered a 3D printer, 3D printing tools and plastic filament, two completed 3D printed firearms, one 3D printed assault pistol in the final stages of assembly," said Rebecca Weiner, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

The suspect's mother had been operating a legitimate licensed daycare from the apartment for around 2 and a half years.

Multiple residents told FOX 5 NY that Coley has been a mace to the building since he was a child, that he was belligerent with neighbors and constantly smoked pot in the hallway. They also say they were stunned when the city gave his mother a day care license.

Officials say the daycare center was last inspected in February and found to have three violations for not keeping feeding and sleeping schedules for the children and for not having documentation that the children did not have any infectious diseases.

Mayor Adams said that the city is now going to have to enhance training for inspectors to know how to look for drugs, gun parts, and even trap doors. 

The mother has not been charged. Coley was arraigned Wednesday night. His bail was set at $350,000 cash, $500,000 bond. He was charged with illegal firearms' possession, manufacturing of a machine gun and reckless endangerment.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.