Study: Obesity may age the brain

The trend of more and more Americans becoming overweight and obese is staggering. And now, we are also learning about new risks linked to obesity, such as increased risk of cancer as well as aging in the brain.

The obesity epidemic is growing in New York and across the country, according to dr. Mitchell Roslin, a bariatric surgeon. He said new medical studies show that not only is obesity becoming more widespread, it is being linked to more serious health problems.

Roslin told Fox 5 that in addition to findings about obesity affecting the brain, it is also now affecting Americans at a much younger age and is often synonymous with disability.

The city says it's working to stop the epidemic from spreading. A spokesperson from the Health Department said: "Our recent efforts include sodium warnings and calorie labeling to provide necessary information to consumers, as well as media campaigns focusing on the serious health consequences of sugary drink consumption."

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