Strained relations between police and communities

As we hear more and more about police-involved violence throughout the country, people living in New York are left feeling conflicted. Are police-community ties getting stronger or weaker?

Former FBI agent and NYPD sergeant Manny Gomez believes the violence is getting worse, and that misconceptions are causing riots to break out all over the country.

Along Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, it's just days before the annual West Indian American Day Parade, which happens right along this route. Community members tell us when they think about this event, they think about it being plagued with violence. They're hoping this year will be different.

Mike Tucker started Lay the Guns Down Foundation after he says his oldest son, Stephonne, was killed at the hands of an NYPD officer in 2005. However, he tells us he has no feelings of anger towards cops and actually spends time on the streets of Brooklyn spreading his message of unity.

As this year's parade gets closer, Tucker is on a mission to hand out anti-violence flyers and spread his unity message as loud and clear as he possibly can.

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