7-year-old hailed as hero for saving toddler from drowning

7-year-old Massiah Browne is being called a real-life superhero for saving a toddler from drowning in California earlier this month.

"He was at the bottom of the pool," said Massiah.

Massiah, who is from Clifton, Staten Island, was swimming at his apartment complex in Sacramento on July 19 when he saw a 3-year-old boy at the bottom of the pool. He says he saw the boy and swam towards him and pulled him out of the water.

The toddler received CPR on site and was transported to the hospital. 

"You never hear about a 7-year-old saving a 3-year-old, so it was very shocking," said Massiah's mother, Tiara Delvalle.  

Delvalle says she and her family moved to California from Staten Island just a few months ago. She says her son loves the water and has taken swim lessons since he was a young boy, however his actions that day, she believes, were pure instinct.

Delvalle tells FOX 5 NY that she has been in contact with the 3-year-old's family, and says the boy was taken to the hospital and has made a full recovery.