Some of the best online shopping deals for the holiday season

With shopping moving further online due to the pandemic, there are some great deals to be had in cyberspace for the 2020 holiday season.

When it comes to subscription boxed food, is the place to start

“It's fast, easy and it’s safe," said CEO Corey Newhouse.  "You go online, in minutes you can fill your entire Christmas list, you can avoid the store, you can avoid the mall, you don’t have to go anywhere.”

The website offers 42 different options ranging from under $60 for three months to $1400 for a year.

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“You’re gonna be able to send the entire gift from your house, it's all online, we’re gonna take care of the shipping. We’re gonna take care of mailing the gift announcement you don’t have to do anything," said Newhouse.

Staying on the couch might be the most productive thing you do this year.

“Everything from beer and wine and coffee and chocolate and flowers, to crazy things like pickles and honey and peanut butter, lobster tails steak.. “

If there is someone picky on your gift-giving list, try a unique touch.

“We wanted to create a gift that was unique, that would answer the question: is the person I'm going to buy this for going to like it? Are they going to love?  How do I know that? And so that’s what we set out to do," said Newhouse.

The ultimate ease for sending some holiday cheer goes to  You only need a phone number or email to send this gift.

“When you send a Sugarwish the receiver gets to pick exactly what they want," said co-founder Elizabeth Vezzani. "you can’t get it wrong. Not only are you delivering candy or cookies or popcorn whatever you wish, but you are delivering an interactive experience, allows them the fun like a kid in the candy store feeling.”

Vezzani started the company eight years ago out of her home and now ships curated treats that start under $20.

“You’re just picking the size you want to send, and then they're picking what they want and they’re entering in their address," said Vezzani.

It's even a great idea for office employees.

"You never know exactly what people are craving. If they are in a chocolate mood or they are into Sweedish fish or a bit of honey so it’s really perfect for anyone. It’s just a way to deliver a little bit of happiness and a little surprise.. and they get the fun of picking exactly what they want," said Vezzanni.

If you can't make it home for the holidays, give a gift the whole family can enjoy: a fun evening packaged in a box from Hickory Farms.

"It’s this great gift set that includes a variety of savory and sweet items. Hickory Farms summer sausage, some of our cheeses, there’s some chips and salsa and we also have some caramel popcorn and some other sweets that are in it," said CEO Dianne Pearse.

Gourmet gift baskets are a staple. The newest offering is a game night basket.

“Our brand and what we offer across the board really brings people together. Its really about connecting with the ones you care about and its particularly relevant this year as we’ve all been away from one another," said Pearse.

The gift basket is the ultimate boredom fix for those socially distant-side effects.

“They’re tired of watching Netflix and they’re tired of doing crossword puzzles and they’re tired of being on their own phones on the Internet," said Pearse.