Solar eclipse safety tips for you and your family

In just a few days the sun and the moon will be perfectly aligned, and we will get to experience a total solar eclipse. 

"Here in the city, we are going to get partial coverage, it's going to be up to 90%," said Genevieve Ward-Wernet, from the New York Hall of Science. "The next one in this area is around 2079, so when we say it's ‘once-in-a-generation,’ we really mean it." 

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With several school closures and early dismissals throughout the tri-state area on Monday, our little ones will want to partake in this once-in-a-generation event as well.

There will be events held all across the region to mark the eclipse, including at the Hall of Science in Queens, which will be hosting an eclipse watch party on Monday. 

Kids will be able to do arts and crafts and will be able to watch the solar eclipse. 

"We have projects that you can make here, that can help make the concept of the eclipse a little more clear, a little more concrete, so they can visualize what is happening, and we want to make it as much fun for the kids as possible," Ward-Wernet said. 


How NYC will experience the 2024 solar eclipse: Watch

NYC will experience a partial eclipse at 3:25 p.m. Monday, with 89.6% of the sun covered by the moon at its peak. Here's what that looks like.

As exciting as the eclipse will be, that doesn't mean safety should be a second thought. Adults and children looking to view the celestial event are strongly recommended to wear protective eyewear, as light coming of the sun can burn the retina and lead to permanent vision problems.

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Anyone looking to watch the eclipse is urged to get approved eclipse-viewing glasses or to use techniques like pinhole projectors. 

The eclipse watch party at the New York Hall of Science is from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. If you have a ticket, you will get a pair of eclipse glasses.