Snowstorm cleanup continues on Long Island

Noah Whitehouse took it slow and steady as he made the commute to class on Monday morning. The high school senior in Islip says he was surprised other school districts were delayed and even closed after this weekend's blizzard when his district wasn't.

"I don't think I went over 10 mph," he said. "Brentwood was closed, East Islip, Bay Shore, Sayville were delayed."

From Nassau to Suffolk, parts of Long Island saw up to two feet of snow. Whiteout conditions at the height of the storm made driving dangerous. And depending on where you live, once the snow stopped you had to wait for the streets to be cleared.

"There was two feet of snow and nothing was done," said one Brookhaven resident.

Residents on Brook Nursery Drive in Brookhaven didn't see a plow until almost 36 hours after the snow stopped.

NY, NJ weather turns bitter cold after winter storm

On Monday morning, slush covered some side streets in Medford. 

Some residents of the Town of Islip, which had the highest snow totals, spent the day digging out. 

Parking on the street during a snowstorm really impacts a plow's ability to make a nice wide pass. Drivers end up weaving around cars and ultimately push snow in front of driveways. Once people dig out their cars in the street, the plows have to come back again.

At the height of the storm, the Town of Islip had close to 500 pieces of equipment on the roads. DPW Commissioner Tom Owens says the work is far from over as crews have to salt ahead of the freeze on Monday night. The same low temperatures we saw over the weekend actually made cleanup easier.

"Thank god the snow was light," Owens said. "If the temperatures were up and it was heavy snow, it would've locked Long Island in.