Singer Justin Bieber helps women's homeless shelter in Koreatown

Singer Justin Bieber has become a guardian angel for a local women's homeless shelter.

As Angela Harris and Bahri Moussa sit in the living room of Alexandria House in Koreatown they think about their good fortune.

In January Justin Bieber and Quavo showed up at the homeless shelter looking for three women they thought had emotional stories and wanted to help them and the facility known for helping homeless women. Judith Vaughan, a founding director says, "We're a long term shelter for women who are single and homeless."

Judith Vaughan, one of the founding directors says it's important for people to understand the plight of homeless women and is grateful for any spotlight that shines on the problem.

Angela has spent time on skid row. Bahri, who along with two siblings was brought here as a child by her single mom from Saudi Arabia. Says Mousa, "She gave up everything... to make sure we're taken care of."

So Justin Bieber shows up here with Quavo. He talks to the women about life and their situations.

This place is no stranger to the rich and famous who have come here to help raise awareness about homelessness.

Kim Kardashian was here three years ago.


Gal Gadot last year.


And Chaka Kahn was here two months ago and now Bieber whose song is called "Intentions."


It was, apparently, the intention of Bieber to help women in the same situation as his mom, single parents.

He also came bearing gifts with backpacks for some.

For Angela Harris, a singer and poet, Bieber says, "We thought we'd give you some studio time so you could put out your messaging."

And, then, there's the kind of moment that makes you wanna grab a tissue...

In the music video, you see Bieber and Mousa walking down a sidewalk together. She says, "I live in Koreatown. I go to school all the way in Northridge. I didn't get my car so it's difficult to commute."

The singer says, "What if I told you that you wouldn't have to worry about that anymore?"

He points to a car and hands her keys. She gasps.

The 22-year-old seems so appreciative of the gift. She says, "It's crazy... and I'm so thankful. You don't think things like that will happen to you because they don't... you don't expect it..." She adds, "I don't know how to thank him."