Siena college poll reveals 61% of New Yorkers concerned about becoming crime victims

Crystal Valentine just moved to Brooklyn and says she's exploring her new neighborhood with heightened awareness. 

A just-released poll from Siena College found that 61% of New Yorkers are concerned they'll soon be a crime victim.

Don Levy's research team conducted the poll. Levy is Poll Director at Siena College and the team said, "Let's find out to what degree people feel they themselves could be a victim of crime, in what circumstances and also what are they doing about it."

Poll data showed that many residents have taken to personal safety measures like buying pepper spray.


City under siege: Crime perception vs. reality

FOX 5 NY's Lisa Evers spoke one-on-one with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in Harlem, along with residents who have a slightly different perspective crime in New York City.

Christian Sorensen has friends who do and explains, "especially a lot of my queer friends who don't present, who are at more risk for violence, yeah they carry pepper spray and stuff like that."

Siena also found many New Yorkers have increased engagement with Neighborhood Watch groups in their communities

Still, the data also showed that a significant number of residents are NOT worried about being a crime victim.

Siena's results come as NYPD crime stats show overall crime in the city DROPPED 4% percent last month when compared to June of last year.

Numbers Mayor Adams highlighted when asked about the poll on Good Day Wednesday.  


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