Rutgers student editor to interview President Obama

Last week, President Barack Obama surprised visiting college students when he showed up in the White House press room and actually took questions from them.

He called on Dan Corey, 19, a Rutgers University student and the editor in chief of the Daily Targum at Rutgers University. Because the president is scheduled to deliver one of his final college commencement speeches at Rutgers on May 15, Dan decided to seize this possibly once-in-a-lifetime moment and request an interview with the president.

After the laughter and shock subsided, the president said that he was "favorably disposed" to give Dan a little bit of time.

We sat down with Dan in his newsroom. He still can't believe the president said yes. He said he plans to ask the president about student debt, immigration reform, and more. Dan said he simply did what any good journalist would do and took the opportunity.

That is good advice for any journalist. The president also gave some advice of his own: "Just never admit that you're nervous. Just pretend like this is routine." Easier said than done.

Dan said so far the interview date and time has not been confirmed but more than likely it will happen at Rutgers just before the commencement.