Russia prepares robotic tank unit

The Russian military is reportedly setting up a unit with killer robotic tanks.

The state news agency TASS reported that the remotely piloted Uran-9 tank can be equipped with machine guns, flamethrowers, and anti-tank missiles.

"As Chief of the Army Main Staff Vasily Tonkoshurov reported to the defense minister, the first unit with strike robots will be set up in the Russian Armed Forces to operate five Uran-9 robotic systems or 20 combat vehicles," the ministry said.

An earlier use of the robot tank reportedly did not go well.  reports that the tanks did not meet the required standards in various combat operations in Syria.

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Kalashnikov Concern, the company that produces the robots, along with the AK-47, says it has been able to iron out some of the problems since that deployment in 2018.

The Russians have been actively adding robot technology into their military.  Last October, the Russian Army said it would integrate attack drone swarms, robots, and exoskeletons into its next-generation combat gear.

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