Risks of sharing tech in a relationship

In a survey of divorce attorneys a few years ago Facebook was reported as the number one source for online evidence! Now, with the divorce rate at 40-50% it may be a good idea to reassess which passwords, accounts, and devices we share with our significant others, and which we don't.

At Cornerstone Tavern, the crowd was divided, with many insisting that a level of privacy is important and not a threat as long as there is true trust in the relationship.

For some, the risks of sharing too much can be far reaching, with one recent incident shared on Imgur when a woman refused to return a cell phone that was gifted to her by her ex-boyfriend when they were still together. Well, the gentleman took technology into his own hands and remotely wiped all of the girlfriend's data and locked her phone. 

Attorney Sal Strazzullo says this behavior borders on the criminal and highlights the perils of sharing too much, even if there is complete trust. According to Strazzullo, linking accounts with your significant other means that a breach of their information may afford access to your information too. Bottom line, he advises keeping accounts separate.

So perhaps "sharing is caring" does not always hold true.