Exclusive: Queens man previously busted for illegal migrant shelters says he won't stop trying to help

Ebou Sarr is housing migrants once again. This time in a home he says he recently rented in Queens.

"They don’t like the shelter," he said referring to emergency shelters the city has put in place during this migrant crisis.

Sarr made headlines last month after the city forced him to vacate two businesses where he was housing, one his furniture store in Queens, the other an empty location he rents in the Bronx. The city said complaints led them to Sarr and the migrants. Officials ultimately determined the conditions were unsafe.

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In a FOX 5 NY exclusive interview, Ebou Sarr said that since the makeshift living quarters were shut down, the migrants were asking him to find another place. 

‘The guys were calling me every day, asking me about ‘Do I get a place?'" he said.


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Migrants from West Africa arriving in New York City are congregating in a part of Harlem known as "Little Senegal" in order to find work and services.

Sarr says a woman approached him about renting a furnished four-bedroom home in Queens. He says he signed the lease and now over a dozen migrants and asylum seekers are paying $300 each to stay in the home.  Ultimately, he says he is looking for a building to house more of them.