Mariah Carey says 'It's Time' for the holidays: Here's where to toss your pumpkins

It's November 1st: In with the wreaths out with the pumpkins.

Pumpkins make great Jack-o-lanterns and decorations, but once the season is over there's really no use to keep them. 

Halloween is over, and the Holiday season is upon us. 

Battery Park City's Operation Pumpkin Drop has drop-off locations for unwanted Halloween pumpkins.

The pumpkins are sustainably composted and used to create fertilizer for the soil.

Once the composting is complete, the nutrients will be returned to Battery Park City's gardens to help improve soil and fertility. 

Since 2022, BPCA has composted more 36,000 pounds of fruity, vegetables and plants dropped off by neighborhood residents.

The process is simple.

Just take the pumpkins to any of the gray bins at the locations listed.

Pumpkin Drop Off Locations:

  • Outside 75 Battery Place
  • Esplanade Plaza
  • Teardrop Park South
  • Rockefeller Park

The park will be composting from November 1-4.