Promised delivery times can pressure app workers too much, lawmakers say

We see advertisements throughout New York City promising grocery deliveries in less than 15 minutes. Several apps are promising to make grocery shopping a breeze.

However, some New York City lawmakers are looking to ban grocery apps from advertising 15-minute delivery times. City Council Member Christopher Marte is working on drafting legislation in the next few months.   

"It can cause a lot of stress on that worker to get the items and cycle on the sidewalk with an electric bike or scooter, pass red lights," Marte said. "Do whatever they need to do to get that delivery done within that time window.

The super-fast delivery times are convenient for some New Yorkers. However, Los Deliveristas, a group that advocates for delivery workers' rights, points to safety issues for both delivery workers and pedestrians.

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"That also puts them at risk of being a victim of an accident or even a fatality," said Hildalyn Colon Hernandez, the director of policy and strategic partnerships for Los Deliveristas

City Council Member Julie Menin also recently sent a letter to GoPuff, one of the grocery apps. Menin voiced the same concerns on the Upper East Side. 

Fox 5 News reached out to some of these apps including, GoPuff, Jokr, and Gorillas for a comment, but have yet to hear back.