Powerful smell of garbage under hot sun at NYCHA property

As NYCHA investigates claims that former supervisors and staff here engaged in sex parties and alleged sexual abuse, there are signs that some of the long-standing problems affecting residents' quality of life may be getting solved.

The smell of rancid garbage was in the air at the Throggs Neck Houses on Tuesday. Trash left outdoors rotted under the blazing sun. But that is changing.

On Day 2 under a new management team, we saw many NYCHA workers trying to clean up an unhealthy nuisance that residents say has been that way for years.

Resident association president Monique Johnson said the management staff was completely replaced this week amid concerns that some were allegedly involved in illicit sexual activities and possible sexual abuse while on the clock.

Some residents are hoping the recurring no heat, mold, lead paint and garbage problems can be put in the past.

Some here have questioned why the former staff members were transferred instead of being fired on the spot, but NYCHA said it is taking the allegations seriously and must investigate before anything further can be done.