Police investigate reports of Halloween candy with 'needle-type' objects

A dangerous discovery was made in some Halloween candy in Pennsylvania. Police in Kennett Square, which is about 40 miles southwest of Philadelphia, say needle-like objects were found in candy given out this weekend.

Investigators say at least four children got the treats.

There are no reports of injuries but parents are being urged to check their kids' candy.

The Philadelphia cases come on the heels of several reports around the country of people finding sharp objects in Halloween candy.

The Tyler County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post that a concerned West Virginia mother who was inspecting her children's candy "found a piece of a disposable razor blade in a bite size Snickers bar."

Ohio police also reported that a Reynoldsburg girl found a disposable razor inside a candy bar, according to FOX2. The girl didn't discover the blade until she took a bite, according to parents. The rest of the girl's candy was x-rayed but nothing suspicious was found.

"Everything looked credible," said Shane Mauger of the Reynoldsburg Police. "It looked to be on the up and up."

One case that turned out not to be credible was an Auburn, MA girl who told police she found a foreign item in her candy. The story quickly went viral -- until cops reported it was a hoax.

"After interviewing her along with her mother, it has been determined that the entire story was a fabrication created by the child," police wrote on Facebook.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.