Kids being attacked on boardwalk in North Wildwood, parents say

Several parents claim their kids were attacked on the boardwalk in North Wildwood.

"The terror in his voice saying and I’m like this kid is not kidding. He screaming for me to help him and I feel completely helpless in that moment," Heather Piselli said.

According to Piselli, her 17-year-old son was chosen by a group of boys at random July 4 weekend accused of seeing a girl she says he’s never met that’s when someone slugged him in the face.

"My son said that he looked up and he saw the crowd of kids coming at him. So he knew at that point there was nothing he could do except run so he did. He ran towards our home, which is the direction he was headed to try to get away from this group of kids. He got about two blocks further to a hotel where they caught him," she added.

The group she says held Piselli’s son’s arms behind him and took turns punching him.  It would’ve been worse she adds if not for a witness who rushed in and pulled her son's face to her chest — apparently catching punches of her own. The boy may lose four teeth, according to Piselli. 

Police arrived in time to make an arrest she says but they didn’t, Piselli says.

"They pointed out to police there's the kids. They’re about a half a block away. The police said we need a statement from you. They said we need to radio the beach patrol and the kids got away," she said.

In an emailed statement, North Wildwood Police Chief John Stevenson said the incident is under investigation but he doesn’t think there’s any "knockout game" going on. He sent stats to eight juvenile incidents since Memorial Day. The chief says arrests have been made in three. 

Stevenson also noted Governor Phil Murphy’s Law which keeps cops from writing up minors for drinking or smoking weed.  

One family that FOX 29’s Hank Flynn spoke with says their son is traumatized but healing and just wants it all to go away.   

Another family says their son was attacked in late June, Four arrests have been made in that attack, according to North Wildwood Police.



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