ON CAMERA: Teacher, 7th grade student fight in class

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Fists fly in a Detroit middle school.

Cameras roll as a teacher and student throw each other down to the floor at Mackenzie Elementary and middle school.

Normally when videos of a school brawl emerge, it is of kids fighting, but this time it was a child and an adult. Who's to blame for this science class turned wrestling ring? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

FOX 2: "How long did the fight go on for?"

"For about a couple of seconds," said Diamonique Singleton.

Singleton, a 7th grade student, is now suspended.

She says the teacher, Ms. Burns was ticked off students were throwing paper around the class and at her.

Singleton said someone called the teacher the b-word. Diamonique laughed and the teacher thought she said it.

"That's when she got in front of me," Singleton said. "Saying I'm a 'b' and she started calling me 'b' and I said 'No I didn't even say that.' She was like, 'OK b you got me f'd up.'"

Singleton says she tried to walk away, but the teacher didn't let her and then pushed her.

"I pushed her hand again then she pushed me," she said. "I pushed her back and we started fighting."

Diamonique's sister Shamika says it was the teacher who crossed the line.

"She put her hand on someone else's child, without permission," Shamika said.

A Detroit Public Schools spokesperson called the fight unfortunate and disturbing, saying it is conducting a thorough investigation and, upon completion, will issue the appropriate disciplinary action.

"It was a little disheartening to see that," said Ivy Bailey, Detroit's interim teachers' union president.  "But I do want to talk to that member to find out exactly what's happening."

FOX 2: "Should the teacher have showed more restraint?"

"I can't say because I wasn't there and I don't know the whole situation," she said.

Bailey said teachers are working in tough conditions and overcrowded classrooms.

"These people are at a breaking point," Bailey said. "And with all this uncertainty about whether they're going to have a job next year whether it's going to be old co, new co, you have people who are close to retirement. There's just a lot going on, a lot of stress."

"She lost control of her classroom the situation herself everything she just lost control," Shamika said. "There are better ways to handle everything especially when it comes to a child."

Even so Singleton is shouldering some of the blame for what happened.

FOX 2: "Do you wish that you didn't push her back?"

"Yeah, because it got me in a bad situation," she said.

Singleton could be facing expulsion.