Old Long Island mansion turned into graffiti canvas

A Long Island man who specializes in customizing cars took a unique shot at making over a centuries-old mansion. He used graffiti to create a work of art. It is called City First Protest. And it should go without saying that it is the first of its kind in Glen Cove, New York.

If you're rolling down Glen Street you can't miss it. It's a living work. And like most good things in life, the magic that lives here is collaborative. The owner is Joe LaPadula.  He first earned a following with his high-end auto body shop. But he is also into real estate.

In February 2015, he bought the abandoned mansion and has funded the graffiti art installation. 150 artists later, it is thought-provoking and worth a visit.

There is now talk of a restaurant, coffee shop, and event space. There was buzz, maybe even a little controversy, when they put temporary art outside.