NYPD, migrants scuffle on Randall's Island during attempted arrest

Video of a physical confrontation between NYPD officers and migrants on Randall's Island is causing outrage again, as the city continues to struggle to deal with the crisis.

A video of a scuffle between migrants and police was posted to TikTok after authorities responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man causing a disturbance at the migrant shelter on Randall's Island.

Police say they saw the migrant getting in a verbal dispute with security, so they removed him from the premises, but not before other migrants in the shelter started throwing things at the officers.

"Anytime you have 3,000 people who are placed in an environment where they cannot work, they have to sit around all day, you know, things like this have the potential to happen," Mayor Eric Adams said about the video.

This is not the first time police have had to respond to a situation at the migrant shelter, as in January, a 24-year-old migrant was stabbed to death in the cafeteria tent. 

Cameras have already been installed at the site, but the Adams administration is considering adding metal detectors as well.

Adams addresses Times Square migrant assault on NYPD

In a press conference Tuesday, Adams also responded to questions about the incident where a group of migrants attacked NYPD officers in Times Square. 

According to authorities, police asked a group of migrants acting disorderly to disperse, and when one man refused, they attempted to place him under arrest. That's when police say a group of around a dozen migrants ganged up on the officers, kicking them repeatedly. 

Bodycamera footage from one of the officers shows Yohenry Brito, the man arrested, walking away slowly when, in Spanish, he insulted one of the officers.

That's when the officer grabs Brito, moves him to the wall of a building and attempts to arrest him.

Adams said that while he hadn't watched the entire video, no-one can attack an officer like the group of migrants did.