NYC Traffic Enforcement Agents push for body cams amid increasing security concerns

Traffic Enforcement Agents in New York City are calling for body cameras, so everyone can see the threats and abuse they endure during their job. 

FOX 5 New York spoke with Traffic Enforcement Agent Liton Sen, who said that he was writing a ticket for an illegally parked car on Tuesday when the driver showed up and threatened him with what he thought was a knife.

"He told me 'You are not a [expletive] cop. You cannot write [up] someone. You get out from here," Sen said.

The knife turned out to be a scraper tool, but Sen's experience is not new. 

According to Syed Rahim, the President of Communication Workers of America Local 1182, the union representing the city's traffic agents, his members are routinely verbally assaulted, harassed and sometimes physically threatened while doing their jobs. 

"So right now, safety is our most important issue," Rahim said. 

Rahim wants the city to allow traffic agents to be equipped with bulletproof vests and body cameras. 

"Every single day, week, and month, our agents are assaulted, abused, are screaming at by the motorist. We do not have proof. So the body camera is recording and it will prove it," Rahim said.

Traffic enforcement agents are under the NYPD  but they are not police officers.

The Mayor's office has not responded as whether giving traffic agents is something they would consider however the union lawyer tells me negotiations are ongoing.