Video: Heroes help rescue victims pinned by NYC taxi

Dramatic video showed more than a dozen people working together to try to free victims crushed by a taxi that crashed onto a Manhattan sidewalk on Monday.

The taxi was turning onto Broadway from 29th St. in the Flatiron District when it was cut off by a cyclist.  The driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brake and launched onto the sidewalk, hitting five people.

At least two of the victims were trapped between the vehicle and a building.

The video showed people on all sides of the vehicle, trying to lift the cab off of the two trapped women.

NYPD Deputy Chief John Chell called it, "a remarkable scene."

One of the rescuers later described the experience.

"Quickly you're just shaking and reacting.  We were getting ice and taking aprons out.  We got a belt off of somebody for a tourniquet.

Three of the victims remained in critical condition Tuesday.

In a statement on social media, Mayor Eric Adams called the incident a tragedy and praised the people who jumped into action.

"I also want to thank the numerous New Yorkers who came to the aid of those injured and displayed that New Yorkers will always be there for each other," the mayor said on Twitter.

The mayor later told reporters that he believed four victims are tourists. Two are from Mexico and two are from Ohio, he said.

The critical victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital. One of the victim's legs was severed in the crash.