The disgusting secret inside NYC puddles

If you're a New Yorker you already know to watch where you step especially when it's raining.

After all, walking on sidewalks is a way of life for most city dwellers.

Have you ever considered what's in what you're stepping on?

Alessandra Leri is a professor of chemistry and Chair of Natural Sciences at Marymount Manhattan College.

Leri said, "If you are walking around in New York City you are going to be tracking fecal bacteria around on the soles of your shoes."

She decided to test bacteria levels in puddles on the streets of the Upper East Side.

Leri said, "We found quite shocking numbers of bacteria in natural rainwater puddles these were puddles that didn't look dirty they looked like they were on clean spots on the sidewalk."

What's worse, disease-carrying bacteria can stick to the soles of your shoes and make it easy to bring unwanted germs into your home.

We are going to track bacteria where ever we go. The simplest thing to do is take off your shoes when you enter your home and try not to track those bacteria from the sidewalk inside.

Your pet may present problems too. Dirty paws can contaminate carpets and floors.

The method for safety is easy enough, removing your shoes or wiping down your pet's paws.

If you've never bothered to think about what might be on the bottom of your shoes you might want to consider it the next time you step indoors.