NYC officials crush over 200 illegal mopeds, scooters, and bikes

NYC officials crushed over 200 illegal mopeds, scooters, and bikes from city streets on Staten Island.

In 2023, the NYPD confiscated 18,430 illegal ATVs, bikes, and scooters, the highest number in city history. 

"When it comes to protecting public safety, this administration is crushing it and that includes our efforts to crack down on the ongoing issue of illegal mopeds and scooters on our streets and sidewalks," Mayor Adams said.

In 2023, the NYPD seized 18,430 illegal and unregistered motorized scooters, bikes, and ATVs — the highest number ever recorded in the city — marking a 128% increase from 2022. There were 10 robbery patterns in 2022 involving scooters.

This year alone, the NYPD has already confiscated over 13,000 illegal two-wheeled vehicles and ATVs, bringing the total to nearly 42,000 since the Adams administration began. 

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"Mopeds and scooters are not only endangering pedestrians when they are driven recklessly, but we have also seen an exponential increase in criminals using them to ride around and snatch property from New Yorkers. That’s why the NYPD will be ramping up a summer enforcement strategy to curb use of these illegal and unregistered vehicles. We are sending an important message to everyone who drives on the streets of our city: no one is above the law, and if you drive an illegal vehicle, you will face the consequences — and so will your vehicle," Mayor Adams said.

A recent rise in robberies is being blamed in part on the use of e-bikes and motorized scooters.

This comes after two NYPD officers were shot in NYC on Monday after attempting to make a motorcycle stop in Queens.

Officials said the officers were released from the hospital. 

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According to officials, the officers were working to address a robbery pattern in the area involving mopeds and scooters. They attempted to make a motorcycle stop when, at some point during the altercation, the suspect opened fire. 

A gun was recovered from the scene, police said.

2024 robbery patterns in NYC

In the first five months of 2024, the NYPD identified 79 robbery patterns, nearly eight times the number reported during the same period in 2022, with over 415 complaints, almost ten times the figure from 2022. 

While the overall index of crime in New York City decreased by 2.4% in May 2024 compared to May of the previous year, robberies and felony assaults increased. 

Police say offenders are fleeing crime scenes using the illegal, unregistered scooters, bikes and other vehicles.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.