NYC focused on pedestrian safety with 'Stop, Let Them Cross' campaign

Last year, 122 pedestrians were killed in New York City while attempting to cross the street. 

"There is lots of speeding, running lights, and just complete disregard for pedestrians and cyclists. It doesn’t feel like a fair playing field. Everyone has somewhere to go but no one should have to lose their life, says Sal Garro, from Brooklyn.

"You have electric scooters, foot traffic, bikes, and huge semi-trucks driving through, there is just not enough room for everybody on the streets," says Alizah Salario, who lives near Caton and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.

Wednesday Mayor Adams announced a new campaign called "Stop Let Them Cross" which is aimed at pedestrian safety.

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The campaign is a joint effort between NYC’s DOT and the NYPD and it’s meant to expand on former Mayor de Blasio’s "Vision Zero Plan". This new plan will include raising crosswalks and improving traffic signals.

"We are going to enforce a new traffic rule. Drivers and cyclists must fully stop at intersections. Even if they are not at 4 way stop signs…. whenever there is a pedestrian crossing or at the street corner about to cross," says Mayor Adams.

Another part of the plan is doubling down on enforcement.

"It’s not so much that we are going to have additional officers, but rather every officer is going to be focused on it. When they see these infractions, they will be enforcing them," says NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

A lot of these e-bikes are used for delivery services and we are not trying to over penalize those low-income wage employees, but we do need come up with a real plan where these bikes are not creating a hazard that’s something we will roll out in the future," says Mayor Adams