NYC and state clash in court over migrant crisis

As Mayor Eric Adams embarks on a diplomatic mission in Israel and Governor Hochul graces the state fair with her presence, a complex battle unfolds on the homefront. The city and state are locked in a legal tussle over the migrant crisis, as an average of three thousand migrants continue to arrive in the city each week.

Mayor Adams is steering the charge, urging the modification of the city's right-to-shelter obligations to better accommodate the influx of migrants. 

"In the face of what we're encountering, no one should be caught off guard. Failing to stem the tide and offer swifter work opportunities will undeniably impact every facet of our city's services," Mayor Adams said.


Poll: New Yorkers say the influx of migrants is a 'serious problem'

In the latest Siena College Poll, 82% of New Yorkers say that the recent influx of migrants is a serious problem, with more than 50% labeling it a very serious problem.

"There's a lot of misperceptions around who migrates during force migrations.  A lot of times people think it's the poorest of the poor.  It's usually not," said Zachary Iscol, Commissioner of New York City’s Office of Emergency Management. It's usually people who are professionals, people that were in the middle class, people with real trades and skills, and we're seeing that."

The city is also calling on the Governor to sign an executive order to force other towns and cities across the state to accept asylum seekers instead of strapping the city with that burden.

"We've been very public about saying that we need placements outside of New York City.  I think that's very important for us to see our way through this," said Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services.

The Legal Aid Society is backing up the Mayor on this issue.

"It's our view that the best way for this to go would be for the Governor to take charge of the process," said Attorney Joshua Goldfein. "To have one set of rules that apply statewide and to direct where people should go based on need, based on communities that are best suited to receive people."