This NY beach is one of the most Instagrammable in the US

SwimOutlet crunched the numbers and found the most Instagrammable beaches of 2024 in the United States, including one New York beach represented in the top 10.

The swim retailer identified 250 of the most popular beaches in America, according to research on TripAdvisor and OpenAI. The researcher then tallied up American beach hashtag posts – all 91.6 million of them. 

Long Beach in Nassau County, Long Island ranked 6th with 3,648,945 hashtag posts. Here's a look at the full list:

Most Instagrammable beaches of 2024

SOURCE: Instagram and SwimOutlet

1. Miami Beach, Florida (16,559,513 hashtags)

2. South Beach, Florida (8,168,179 hashtags)

3. Palm Beach, Florida (4,995,373 hashtags)

4. Newport Beach, California (4,124,719 hashtags)

5. Long Beach, Washington (3,692,264 hashtags)

6 Long Beach, New York (3,648,945 hashtags)

7. Venice Beach, California (3,631,739 hashtags)

8. Huntington Beach, California (3,580,733 hashtags)

9. Laguna Beach, California (3,299,489 hashtags)

10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (2,994,698 hashtags)

Back in May, Scientist Stephen Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach, came out with his annual list of the top 10 US beaches of 2024, and two from Long Island made the list!


These NY beaches rank as some of the country's best: Dr. Beach

Coopers Beach in Southhampton and Main Beach in East Hampton -- both located on Long Island -- made the annual list from Dr. Beach.

Coopers Beach in Southhampton was ranked second, while Main Beach in East Hampton was ranked sixth.

Leatherman has 50 criteria he uses for the rankings, including sand softness, water temperature and riptides.

Hillary Andrews, with FOX Weather, helped contribute to this report.