North Texas dad makes good on threat, sits in son's class

A suburban father is an internet hero for dropping in on his son’s physics class to teach him a lesson.

Brad Howard told his 17-year-old son, Brad Jr., that if heard from his teacher at Rockwall Heath High School about him talking too much in class again he would sit through the class with him.

Last week, dad got an email so he kept his promise. His daughter, Molli, posted the picture online.

“I walked in and I had no idea he was gonna come. But I was I was just saying hi to everybody and talking to all my friends. I was like, ‘Hey, Grant.’ And I heard, “Hey, Bradly.’ My dad was sitting in my chair,” Brad Jr. said.

“As the teacher began to teach all of a sudden I began to think to myself, ‘What if she calls on my to answer a question?’” Brad Sr. said.

Dad said he was probably more uncomfortable about the situation than his son.

The teen said he learned something from the situation. He plans to take his dad’s threats much more seriously from now on.