NJ ends indoor mask mandate in most public places

The unofficial start of summer signals the official end of New Jersey’s indoor mask mandate.

There are some exceptions. You still have to mask up in healthcare settings, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and on planes, trains and buses. Face coverings are also required at transportation hubs like airports and train stations. The same is true at public-facing state offices like Motor Vehicle Commission agencies.

Despite the end of the mandate, businesses can still require face coverings.

Gov. Phil Murphy acknowledged that the honor system will govern the new reality since no one will check your vaccination status. If you haven’t been vaccinated, Murphy said, you should still wear a face covering and keep your distance.

The easing of indoor mask restrictions seems perfectly timed since cool, rainy weather will likely force many people inside for parts of the Memorial Day weekend.

Social distancing requirements have also ended in New Jersey. Indoor capacity limits will be ended on June 4.

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