New Yorkers spend equivalent of 10 days a year stuck in traffic, study finds

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New York City ranked the nation's worst traffic

In what must be shocking news, a new survey finds that New York City has the worst traffic in the nation. FOX 5 NY's Linda Schmidt breaks down just how much time we spend in gridlock.

You're going to be shocked, but a new study says New York has the worst traffic congestion in the country.  In fact, it says when you add up the amount of time we spend sitting in rush-hour traffic, it totals 10 full days.

"I think probably more," one driver told FOX 5. "What are you gonna do?  It is what it is.  I mean, do I like it? No!"

"It is the worst traffic ever," another agreed. "I mean, it will take you almost sometimes about 40 minutes to get maybe like 15 blocks."

A new study by TomTom Traffic Index says being stuck in traffic has become a way of life for New Yorkers.

Drivers are traveling at an average of just 12 miles per hour during peak travel times.

Traffic on the Upper East Side, seen on a snowy March day.

"It’s horrible and then they closed off a lot of streets now where you can’t make left turns so you got to drive another 20 minutes to go all the way around and come back."

"It’s a lack of respect of rules and the way streets have been rerouted, redesigned," one woman complained.

"The bus lanes, construction, trucks.  They’re all together in the city."

"It was worse in ‘21 after COVID, ‘22, but now it’s about the same [as before the pandemic]," complained one longtime New Yorker, over the sound of honking. "It’s part of life in New York.  You either love it or you hate it."

LINK: See the full traffic report