New York exodus accelerates - here's where many are headed

New York City continues to see an uptick in out-migrations, despite the fact that more Americans, overall, have stayed put so far this year.

Due to the pandemic, 2020 has been marked by fewer moves when compared with 2019, according to data from United Van Lines. That is except for New York City, where move-outs are still comparable with the same period last year.

So far in 2020, 67% of moves across the state altogether are outbound, which is a 4 percentage point increase over 2019.

As previously reported by FOX5NY, moving companies have described an “insane” uptick in moves out of Manhattan.

Oz Moving says that the pandemic had caused business to boom in New York City, describing a panicked flight out of the densely populated metro.

Both continue to detail an exodus, as other statistics confirm heightened interest in leaving.

According to United Van Lines, between May and July there was a 95% year-over-year increase in interest in moving out of Manhattan. That compares with a 19% increase in moving interest in the U.S., overall.

Some people may have temporarily left the city – with plans to return – which also explains a dramatic spike in storage requests at both moving companies.

Suffolk County, Long Island, is wasting no time taking advantage of an uptick in residents, many of whom hail from New York City.

Local officials are encouraging seasonal business owners to stay open past Labor Day weekend this year, since “visiting” city dwellers are either extending their stay a couple of extra months, or permanently.

Besides nearby suburbs, Florida remains a popular destination for those fleeing the Northeast. The latest data from United Van Lines shows moving interest to Florida from New York City is up 10% year over year.

From New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, collectively, there is a 4 percentage point uptick in actual moves to Florida compared with last year.

The top states that have seen the largest uptick in move-ins when compared with move-outs are Vermont, Idaho, Oregon and South Carolina.