Moving companies swamped with customers trying to leave NYC

For some, there’s no task more tedious than moving in and out of your home. The schlepping, the lifting, the whole-day affair. But in the middle of this pandemic, it’s the paid movers who arguably are working harder than ever.

A mover with Oz Moving and Storage tells us this year is definitely the hardest for him and his co-workers because they have to wear masks in the hot summer heat while they work. Also, they fear going into other people’s homes and then having to return safely to their own families. However, while movers face challenges right now, they are also reaping the benefits. Oz’s General Manager Nancy Zafrani says the company is busier than ever and has seen a 30% increase in business since April.

“We’ve noticed a trend after major events like that, that people do leave the city for economic reasons. We did expect an increase, we just didn’t expect it to be this quickly or this intense,” said Zafani.

We also caught up with FlatRate Moving - another company that’s thriving. It’s seen a 30-40% increase from last year. The reasons its customers are moving are all pretty much the same.

“So from what we hear most people just want to get out of the city.  It’s too tight, the apartment is too small or they don’t have a backyard, just too many people packed into a small city so they are looking for a little space,” said David Giampietro, chief administrative officer for FlatRate Moving.

Some advice if you’re looking to move and can’t decide which company to go with: make sure the company has a license and insurance that are active, find a company that gives you a written contract and a set price, and ask friends and family for recommendations.

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