Israel-Hamas war: Tensions flare among NYC demonstrators

Supporters of Israel and backers of the Palestinian cause held competing rallies for another day in New York City over the conflict that has killed hundreds and wounded thousands in the Middle East.

On 42nd Street in Manhattan, about a block from the United Nations and across the street from the Israeli Consulate, large crowds of pro-Israel supporters faced off against pro-Palestinian supporters, each side venting their outrage, anger, and in some cases a very personal grief over the conflict.

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," Palestinian supporters shouted.

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Opposing groups protest in support of Palestine and Israel near the Israeli consulate in New York City. (Photo by Adam Gray/Getty Images)

"How brave, kidnapping women and children? Brave Palestinian terrorist," an Israeli supporter responded.

A line of police officers separated them from the Israeli supporters. Some held pictures of victims of the attack, expressing their frustration that they still don't know if loved ones are alive or not.

"Two days we woke up with we saw that all of our friends got kidnapped, raped and murdered, they just went to party," said an Israeli woman.

"Israel suffered an unprecedented attack, and the number of casualties is catastrophic, truly unfathomable," the speaker said as he showed members of the press a video with its caption reading – ‘Young Israelis being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.’

The Palestinian Observer spoke from the same podium, pointing out what he views as hypocrisy among international leaders in their defense of Israel.

"Where is the international protection the Palestinian people are entitled to when the occupying power violates international law and harms those it is obliged to protect," he questioned.

Green and red flags flew Sunday as supporters marched in solidarity with Palestinians, noting the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Jewish supporters Sunday evening held candles and said prayers, remembering those already gone as the death toll climbed by the minute.

"When Israel bleeds, the Diaspora bleeds, the Jewish people bleed. Today, our hearts are shattered, and we bleed together," one speaker shared.

"You cannot say nothing justifies killing Israelis and then provide justification for killing Palestinians. We are not subhuman, let me repeat, we are not subhuman," the Palestinian Observer noted.

Despite the heated emotions, the NYPD said there were no incidents, no summonses and no arrests Monday.