New smart glasses provide TV-like captions for the deaf community

It’s a revolutionary device for the deaf and hearing impaired.

New smart glasses allow the wearer to read conversations as they happen.

The interesting thing is, it's technology that's been around for a while — like the closed captioning on your TV.


Tech experts have found a way to broadcast captions onto eyeglasses, allowing the wearer to see the world around them and what people are saying in real time.

"So effectively we're taking that audio stream from the microphone on the glasses. We're running it through a piece of transcription software which users have probably seen before, the ability to turn audio into sub captions. What we're doing though is then taking those captions and putting them into augmented reality," said Dan Scarfe, CEO of XRAI Glass.

The software is still being developed, but it can already recognize who is speaking.

Soon, it will have the power to translate languages, voice tones, accents and pitch.