Neighbors scared as search continues for escaped cobra in Ocala

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The search for a missing Suphan cobra continued Wednesday evening in the 900 block of NE 5th Street.

The venomous snake was reported missing by its owner Monday night, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  On Wednesday, neighbors told FOX 35 they were tired of living in fear of the deadly serpent.

“It’s very frightening.  I thank God it’s spring break.  What if there’s children [walking] down this block to and from school,” said Lynda Nolan.

FWC has advised people in the area to keep an eye on children and pets.

“We were very worried, very worried he’d get bit. We don’t know where [the snake] is.  It could be anywhere,” Britney Simpson said after her dog got loose.

FWC officers focused their search mostly on the home where the snake escaped from its container.  The theory is: the cool weather is keeping it close. 

“It’s not going to venture out to find warmth when there’s warmth there and it’s cold outside,” said FWC spokesman Greg Workman.

But there is no guarantee, so FWC officers also searched fence lines and piles of brush up and down the street.

“Every crevice, every corner is being searched over and over again. Because this snake—as well as other snakes—can confine themselves in a very small area,” Workman said.

Workman said a FWC officer will stay in the area until the snake is found.

Meanwhile, a Florida man whose king cobra got loose in 2015 won't stand trial for the venomous snake's escape.  Michael Kennedy faced a misdemeanor charge for failing to properly maintain an enclosure for his cobra, named Elvis.