'My body basically is really paralyzed': Long Island woman loses great-nephew in Israel-Hamas war

It’s the nightmare Dalia Cohen hasn’t woken up from. 

Her great nephew Aviad Halevi was one of more than 250 people brutally murdered after Hamas terrorists stormed a music festival close to the Gaza Strip on the Jewish Sabbath which also happened to be Simchat Torah - a celebratory day marking the end of the Jewish high holidays for the season.

"It was the most horrible news that I ever I got in my entire life - because it wasn’t a regular war, this was something much bigger than that," Cohen said. "The murderers shoot them in the beginning, and then they came back and killed them totally and left them on the ground."


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Dalia who has an extended family and close friend network of close to 300 in Israel has been anxiously awaiting news as the sound of sirens continue to ring out and bombs erupt near their homes.

"My body basically is really paralyzed and cannot think straight," she said. 

Adding insult to injury, she says five loved ones who were not identifying for safety reasons were captured and are still missing.

"They took a full family, a husband, wife and two girls, and they took a little boy who is 5-6 years old," she said.

Dalia’s daughter, Melody is also mourning the loss of her cousin.

For fear of her mother not being able to return home from Israel, she begged her to attend Aviad’s funeral virtually.

Endless tears and hearts that will never mend as this war tragically wages on.