Service changes on F and M lines starting Monday, Aug. 28

Riders who rely on the F and M lines will experience changes to their Monday morning commute, and the lines between Manhattan and Queens will be impacted for months. 

Mohammad Adann stood with his family Sunday, trying to figure out what all the news signs posted at his subway station meant. He said, knowing the MTA, they can only mean one thing.  

"I think service on the F train will be really hectic for us because we live in Jamaica," Adann said.  

What are the MTA service changes?

Service changes on the F and M lines between 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and 36 St in Queens are rerouting trains both directions and partially suspending weekday trains.  

M trains stop running on weekdays, from Midtown and Forest Hills, stopping at 57th Street.  F trains will run on the E line between Rockefeller Center and Jackson Heights.  

A shuttle train will stop at Roosevelt Island and connect to Lexington-63rd Street and 21st Street-Queensbridge, but not at night.  

"So, a lot of us who are coming from Staten Island or faraway, won't be able to get home on time," Adann said.  

Free shuttle buses will be made available, but the longer wait, late at night after a long shift, isn't comforting.  

"So, it is really problem for us who are working people," said one rider. 

The MTA is stressing the work being done is necessary and for the better. It's so they can make repairs and replace tracks and that will increase the system's reliability in the long run.  

"It affects me a lot because it makes me late to where I have to go," said Anthony Webb, an F train rider.  

Webb said he's late to his job at JFK at least four times a week because of delays on the F train. 

The new service changes won't help, but starting Monday he knows – "try to leave a little earlier."

Find more information about how these service changes will affect your route HERE