Mayor suggests not wearing headphones in subway due to crime

Mayor Eric Adams says that subway riders should take their headphones out and put their phones away to stay aware in the mass transit system.

He made the comment during an extended interview on the FOX 5 morning show Good Day New York.

Bianca Peters noted, "I rode the subway yesterday. I haven't put my air pods in for over a year because I feel like I need to be very much aware.  That's a quality of life issue."

Mayor Adams responded, "I think that you are right about you know not having your iPods and not focusing on phone. And I say yes to that, I do the same and we put out a video and information telling people about being aware of what's around them and what's taking place. I encourage New Yorkers to do that.

In the past, the mayor has stated that he doesn't feel safe in the New York City subway system.

"On Day One I took the subway system, I felt unsafe. I saw homeless everywhere. People were yelling on the trains. There was a feeling of disorder," Adams said in early January. "So as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe."

The mayor has been pushing a narrative that as much as crime is an issue, the administration has to make people feel safe in the mass transit system.

"Until New Yorkers are feeling safe. We're not going to be successful," Adams said.