Man successfully walks from Minneapolis to California for good cause

Several weeks ago, a young man began his journey walking from Minneapolis to California.

Now, by the end of July, Jeremy Floyd has made it.

Floyd walked halfway across the country to bring attention to homelessness and addiction. During his journey, Floyd stopped at youth shelters and rehab centers along the way to help others.

The 32-year-old man made a goal to walk 30 miles a day until he reaches his final destination: the Santa Monica Pier.

Jeremy Floyd posted to Facebook Tuesday as he crossed into San Bernadino County, gleaming with joy in front of a "Welcome to California" sign. He told FOX 9 he tore his meniscus in Wyoming, but met with a doctor and has been able to keep going at an average of about 26 miles per day.

"I just had to be smart and walk as much as was good for me," he said. 

Floyd said that he's excited to return to Minnesota - especially for the State Fair!