Man scams tourists on Staten Island Ferry

On weekdays, you have a lot of commuters that use the Staten Island Ferry. But on weekends, there are a lot of tourists.

And where there are tourists, police say there are often con-artists.

One of the greatest things about the Staten Island Ferry is that it's free!

However several tourists were tricked into paying $200 each. Each way!

The accused scam artist is man, Gregory Reddick and Park Police officials say they caught him in the act.

Police say Reddick tried to run but was surrounded and subdued by officers.

Reddick was allegedly wearing a jacket with an insignia that read "Authorized Ticket Agent" and had $400 cash on him.

NY parks advocates say this scam is just one of several.

Con artists target tourists at Battery Park and at the statue of liberty as well.

Sightseers we spoke to say it's tough to know who is legit or not...

And it's shocking just how brazen the scam artists are...

"I am really surprised. I'm a New Yorker you got to have your guard up" one ferry rider told us.

Authorities say always beware of any independent agents no matter how friendly they seem or what kind of uniform they are wearing.

As for the suspect in this case, He was released without bail and only faces some misdemeanor charges.