Lyme disease awareness campaign targets Staten Island

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New York City's Health Department is targeting Staten Island with an online public awareness campaign about ticks and Lyme disease. The borough has more wooded areas than any other.

The department has teamed up with Staten Island Borough President James Oddo to educate Staten Islanders about ticks and preventing Lyme disease. Wooded, high-grassy areas are all over the borough.  Plus the deer population has skyrocketed, and deer carry ticks.

In addition to wearing insect repellent with Deet, there are other steps you can take to help prevent tick bites. Health Commissioner Mary Bassett says wear long sleeves, long pants, tuck your socks in to cover up. She also says you should always check yourself for ticks when you get home. If you find one, remove it with tweezers and see a doctor right away. And don't forget to check your pets as well. 

The public awareness campaign and information are on the Health Department's website as well as its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Dr. Bassett says that the city sees about 400 to 600 cases a year of Lyme disease, but most of those patients contract it outside the city.