Lower Manhattan neighborhood still struggling after parking garage collapse

For the rest of the world, April 18 may not evoke immediate memories, but for those who live or work near 57 Ann St. in Lower Manhattan, the parking garage collapse that rocked their neighborhood is something they have been unable to shake.

Even after four months, the block is still closed off. Businesses along the block have closed, and residents are still displaced, including Christine Lu, who was wiping tears from her face when speaking with FOX 5 NY.

Tears not from the emotions of a single mother of two whose life was turned upside down, but for two losses in the span of 10 days, beginning with the death of the parking garage manager, who was crushed to death.


Lower Manhattan parking garage collapse leaves 1 dead, 5 injured

One person was killed after a parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon. Crews are still checking to see if anyone else was inside.

"It was Willis, the parking manager who was a great neighborhood friend, and also watched my kids grow up for eight years," she said.

Christine’s second loss was that of her neighbor, Sandy Imhoff, who we also interviewed and brought to our audience on the night of the collapse. 

According to neighbors, the stress of the collapse, and her subsequent displacement, took too heavy a toll on Sandy, who died 10 days after the collapse.

"I believe it was the stress exacerbating her MS, and that led to her demise, unfortunately," Lu said.

On this day, we also tracked down Lev Zabululov, a pharmacist who works on the corner down the street from the collapse. 

We first spoke with him right after the collapse. Even Tuesday, he showed no concern for the loss of his car. The only expressions are that of empathy for those who have been impacted.

"It’s very sad because it brings back a lot of memories," Zabululov spoke of seeing the scene every day he’s at work, "even sometimes the employees call me to see how I’m doing."

Someone who has not called Zabululov is the company that owns the parking garage, where he paid in advance for monthly parking. 

Lu said the city has not reached out to her about the status of her old apartment, where her belongings still sit.

Immediately following the collapse, the city launched emergency inspections of all parking garages in the five boroughs – 13 vacate orders were issued.