Long Island student's wish came true for a 'snow day' in May

There have been high-fives and hugs for Ethan Brown, the junior at Jericho High School who went before the school board and asked officials to consider a snow day in May since the district didn’t use any this winter. 

"Snow days, I think, provide joy and fun for everyone, and I was a little bit upset about that," he said. 

Ethan, who at the very least hoped to practice his public speaking skills, never thought he’d garner celebrity status overnight. When superintendent Hank Grishman approved his request for a seasonal snow day shift, Ethan became a hometown hero. 

Ethan in his appearance before the board.

"We are planning to have a snow day on Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and we’re going to call it the ‘Ethan Brown Snow Day’," Grishman said. "It’s probably the best and most popular decision I’ve made all year."


NYC public schools snow days are eliminated

Sorry kids, no more days off from school when it snows.

Grishman said the bonus day is something everyone deserves especially since the district has one of the longest school calendars in New York State.  

"We just thought it’d be a nice time to have a four-day weekend as a thank-you for all of the work," he said. 

While school officials aren’t making this an annual tradition just yet, being that Ethan has one more year in the district, you can only imagine he has already planned to go before the board again if we have a similar winter.

"I hope the school district will compensate us by giving us the day off, and it’ll become sort of a tradition," he added. "I hope."