Long Island robbery suspect says he is a heroin addict

Police arrested the man they believe has robbed a string of stores across Long Island over the past several months.

Shane Cashmore walked out of Suffolk County's second precinct Tuesday morning apologizing as he confessed to reporters that he is a heroin addict. Police said the 30-year-old is responsible for 18 knifepoint robberies since February. It was a joint investigation in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Officials said Cashmore, who is homeless, robbed small businesses including Subway and Baskin Robbins to fuel his drug addiction. Investigators began surveilling a rare Hyundai Tiburon sports car believed to be used as the getaway car in many of the robberies. Only about 200 are registered in New York City and Long Island.

Nassau County Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said police followed the car every morning.

Shane held up a Carvel in Huntington Station Monday night, police. Cops chased him as he tried to get away. Two other suspects were parked in the getaway car across the way on President Street. Police arrested all three.

For the first time in more than two months, store employees are able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Cashmore is being held on $800,000 cash. His attorney said he is not guilty and denies the charges. He faces a maximum of 25 years on each count if convicted. He is also expected to be arraigned in Nassau County.