Long Beach enforcing new boardwalk rules following teen shooting

Officials and law enforcement from Long Beach are already making changes after a gathering of thousands of teens in Long Beach ended with one person being injured in a shooting. 

More than 2,000 students from neighboring school districts swarmed the beach on Thursday afternoon after an invitation went out on social media for senior skip day. 

As police tried to control the crowds, shots were fired near and then inside the train station, and a 16-year-old was struck.

Police say the victim is expected to survive and say a 15-year-old is facing charges including attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon. 

Investigators are still reviewing surveillance to figure out who fired the shot that hit the teen and who else may be responsible. 

On Friday, Long Beach officials announced new rules effectively immediately. 

"I am requiring everyone to have beach passes to access the beach," said City Manager Daniel Creighton. 

The beach will be closed from dusk until dawn but police will have the power to shut it down at anytime. Unpermitted gatherings for groups of over 100 people are now illegal and if caught, police say event organizers will be held accountable. 

"We will be utilizing all of the city’s resources to make sure we’re effectively changing the atmosphere at the boardwalk," Creighton said. 

Non-residents can buy beach passes for $15 and the passes will be mandatory until September 2.