Lew's View: Mayor de Blasio's 2018 report card

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio began his second term in January 2018. So how is he doing? Here is his 2018 report card.


In his first year, de Blasio averaged 19 days a month in the office at City Hall. He gradually has spent less time on the job and this year is down to an average of 10 days (almost never on a Friday) including a low of five days in July. The mayor claims he is working from home at Gracie Mansion. There are so many things wrong with this it will take another editorial. He gets a D for not showing up.


Not known to work very hard. 12 miles to the gym in the morning and more often than not 12 miles back home for meetings. And as it turns out, he rarely meets with his department heads. In fact, we recently found out that his fired/not-fired head of emergency management, Joe Esposito, had never met one-on-one with the mayor and couldn't reach him to find out if he was really fired. What if it was an emergency? He gets an F for effort.


As public advocate, he chastised government officials for not being open, honest and accountable. De Blasio has been the least transparent mayor in the modern age. In the last two weeks, we have discovered that he deleted emails that should have been made public by the freedom of information act. He gets a D here.


De Blasio set out to undo all of the progress his predecessor Mike Bloomberg had made in the schools. His school renewal plan was just dumped and has been a complete failure. He is also planning to water down New York's most successful specialized high schools as part of the new chancellor's integration plan. He also continues his war on charter schools even as 50 percent of the kids in Harlem attend one and there is a huge waiting list for others to get in. He has failed New York schoolchildren once again. F.


Certainly, a difficult problem that keeps getting worse. Solving the problem will take a concerted effort. And that's the problem. We have a mayor who doesn't work very hard and it shows. He gets a D because he hasn't done anything to help solve the issue.


Is there anything worse than an F? NYCHA has been a disaster. The mayor has been totally clueless when it comes to the extent of the problems. Just another example of poor management, poor communication and lack of leadership.


Can I give the mayor a decent grade in anything? Well, actually I like the deal he and the governor have done with Amazon. So he gets an A for Amazon as long as the company acts as a good corporate citizen and works to improve the Long Island City community.


The mayor gets a D for de Blasio. And don't look for his performance to get any better as he tries to position himself for his next job and attempts to get his wife elected as the new mayor in 2021.