John's Crazy Socks

John Cronin has turned his passion for socks into a booming business that’s off on the right foot.

With help from his dad, Mark X. Cronin, they launched an online store in December and called it John’s Crazy Socks.

They ship throughout the country and plan to expand sales internationally before the summer! They've hired 15 employees, four of whom have special needs like John.  They're also looking to move to a bigger space because clearly they've outgrown this one

"We went from doing 60 orders a day to over 300 and we’re growing," said co-founder, Mark X. Cronin.

John donates five percent of all sock sales to the Special Olympics and then $2 for each pair of awareness socks goes to charity. Last month they raised close to $5,000 and this month they expect to raise even more.

Most pairs are between five and ten dollars. They have over 1,000 varieties including a Donald Trump troll sock.

Each order includes a handwritten note from John along with some candy.