Joey Buttafuoco tells Dr. Oz he was injected with heroin as a child

 Joey Buttafuoco first made headlines 28 years ago when his teenage lover shot his wife in the face at their home on Long Island.

Since then, Buttafuoco had a series of run-ins with the law that were also highly publicized.

But was all of this the result of a severely abusive childhood at the hands of family members?

Dr. Mehmet Oz told Good Day New York on Monday that he was floored by Buttafuoco's revelation to him about childhood drug abuse.

"All the pieces are beginning to fit together," said Dr. Oz.

In a clip previewing his exclusive interview with Buttafuoco airing Monday, Dr. Oz listens as Joey explains that his drug-abusing uncle would inject heroin and cocaine into his arm when he was five years old and then chain him to pillars in a locked basement.

"I was a tiny little kid and I had skinny little arms," said Buttafuoco. "She would use the same spoon right out of the silverware drawer to cook it up. My uncle would hold my tiny little arm and squeeze it like that. She would wait until she had a nice little pipe. She had a nice little boy vein and she would, spike that a little,  push that plunger in a little bit I didn't feel anything except a little pinch until Uncle Curt did that and then it went through me like a freight train."

"He's been in deep therapy for the last two years. That's what's allowed him to pull some of these memories back," said Dr. Oz.

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